El Son de la Negra

I am pretty much obsessed with this look.

I got inspiration from a Pinterest post and I ran with it. Also I very was very much inspired by a song that my mom’s uncles and cousins used to play at family parties and I just wanted to bring my own touch to it.

My sister and I went to scour the city to find a graffiti wall or a mural wall but instead we found ourselves passing through a cemetery and since there was plenty of sun light I decided to have a photo shoot right there in the cemetery.

I find the pictures to be spectacular and it all has tied together to do the perfect mirage and vision that I wanted to accomplish.

Anxiety, You W*tch

My whole life I have suffered from chronic anxiety.

I was chained up to anxiety until 2016, when I realized because of anxiety I didn’t do many things, I didn’t take many opportunities.

On the outside I was cool, calm and collective and I wore an expressionless face, but inside…

every nerve in my body was raging with anxiety, panic and disorder.

She had me in twined in every letter of her name, she had me chained to follow her everywhere, she had me choking on everything that I did.

Nowadays Anxiety wants to crawl up on me like an ant. She wants to spend time with me like an old friend. She wants to talk to me, but I don’t answer.

There are times when she gets rather close, those are the times where I have to get physical and kick her ass.



I had a blog back in 2009 or 2010 -I really don’t know when really. I force myself not to remember that first decade of the 2000s.

But here I am.

I decided to open my heart once again and write what is in my spirit and mind.

I do like most social media and if I can be honest, I am really expressive on SnapChat. I see how it’s all visual and it might just be me that thinks that writing and reading is slowly being forgotten or altered.  Those little emojis (which I am obsessed with) and short hand slang are the language now, huh?

Well, as I let you in my world I am hoping you can keep up and enjoy my humor.