We don’t have any money.

I do not even have $20 in my bank account. I am worried about paying our bills. I am worried about being negative in the bank. I’m worried about not having enough money to continue with my Halloween decorating this season.

Christian really makes this “hard moment” so much fun. He has made laying in bed talking about nothingness a moment I will cherish forever.

And then God provides, like HE always does.

El Son de la Negra

I am pretty much obsessed with this look.

I got inspiration from a Pinterest post and I ran with it. Also I very was very much inspired by a song that my mom’s uncles and cousins used to play at family parties and I just wanted to bring my own touch to it.

My sister and I went to scour the city to find a graffiti wall or a mural wall but instead we found ourselves passing through a cemetery and since there was plenty of sun light I decided to have a photo shoot right there in the cemetery.

I find the pictures to be spectacular and it all has tied together to do the perfect mirage and vision that I wanted to accomplish.